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My name is Josh Hoey, and I am your Best Bet in finding your dream home, notice how I said “home”, not “house”. A house is a building that is meant for human habitation, while a home is a place where a person lives permanently as a member of a family or of the household. You are what defines the place that we can call a home.

I am a DEDICATED Realtor to find your next dream home for you, I’ve originated from the great ol’ New England area, growing up in New Hampshire and have had a decent taste of oysters and gouda grits while being down in the south for the past 10 years. I’ve played soccer throughout middle school, high school, and a little bit of college ball. I discovered so much playing sports and deciding what I wanted to do career-wise, I always had an interest in real estate and how it all worked.

I graduated college in August of 2018 while working in the restaurant industry. I knew that I wanted to be in some type of a sales job which has lead me to be where I am today, I work full time as a Sales Consultant for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits which is known to be one of the top Distribution companies in the U.S. The desire I still had in real estate when I began my full time position with Southern Glazer’s became a reality in July 2019. I completed my state exam in Real Estate and began working for the GREATEST brokerage in Bay County.

The journey so far with Think Real Estate has been a tremendous learning experience for me. My brokers consistently add value in areas where I need it, but also recognize me for my strengths in categories that I truly excel in. I work with fantastic realtors that see this job working together as a family rather than a competition. I’m grateful for being given this opportunity to work for THINK Real Estate. I look forward to everything the future has to offer and continue being the LIGHT to everyone that I encounter. When you THINK REAL ESTATE, THINK JOSH HOEY!

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